Thursday, June 5, 2008

How to Date a Business Librarian

So here's the deal. Among a number of other hats that I wear, I am the Business Reference Librarian at the Spokane Public Library. Confession: I have never owned a business, run a business, been interested in owning or running or working at a for-profit business. How's that for a resume booster?

I've been in the library world, in one capacity or another, since 1996. My passion is spreading the gospel of the public library, which in turn depends on a healthy business community to provide my paycheck. So it turns out that my greedy self-interest coupled with my passion and appreciation for the public library can (at least partially) overcome my previous lack of interest in the business world.

As I've been doing this Business Reference gig since 2006, I've been collecting "notes to self" about missteps, gaffs, and the occasional success of making the library "sticky" (in the Made to Stick sense of the word). This bloggy thing is meant more as a place to store these reminders than anything else, but in this 2.0-ey world I'm hoping that others may feel moved to contribute and comment on the ability of a single librarian working in a mid-sized, woefully underfunded public library to connect with the local business community and make them see--and support--the brilliant idea that is the pubic library. Whew. Oh, and when I say "single" I am using that word in the solitary sense; I am happily married and not trolling for a date here. I do hope you aren't overly disappointed...

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